I'm sure you have heard about the 'HOT' market in Canada, more specifically in Ontario and B.C.  Although sales this year have hit astronomical proportions, there are a few things to learn about your own communities sales prices and what you're surrounding area is.  Georgetown, On & the Halton Region has become increasingly popular for Torontonians and other city dwellers escaping to a more affordable place to live and raise their families.  Check out this little graphic that shows a few tips on what Halton is all about statistically!


6 Steps to Getting Ready to Sell


So, it is November, you are still on the fence…. “Can I sell my home in the ‘off’ season?”  Any house can sell if it looks appealing to the buyer, this is where your handy local realtor comes in!  Here are a few little tips on how to get your house in good shape to sell at any time of the year. 


* Take away a few of, or most of the personal pictures or items.  Let the potential buyers imagine themselves there and not who you are or what you are like.    Fill frames with beach pictures, scenes or animals.  Make it look like they WANT to be there! 

* Do you have a fixture or a light that you like?  Grandma's drapes need to come with?  Get them put away and replaced before the first walk through of people. 

* Declutter…. We have all heard it before, that making sure your closets are empty is a big one buuuuut we forget to make sure you have cleared the counters in the kitchen and the bathrooms.   They make them look much bigger and cleaner.  There is also donating some of those clothes you haven’t worn in 10 years.  Selling is THE TIME to get rid of the old books, clothes or whatever to make the house feel lighter.

* Repairs- These are also self-explanatory, but remember to get the baseboards looking crisp, fix the leaky tap or clean up the mess the leaky tap caused.  Do you have a door that needs some WD40?  Or how about that hole in the wall you have meant to fix, selling is a good time to make your home look like a million bucks (especially if that is your asking price)

* Clean – Give the house a really good cleaning, deep clean right down to the grout if needed.  This makes the home look loved, move in friendly and really easy for the potential buyer to feel comfortable immediately. 

* And as always LANDSCAPE- It really doesn’t need to be a massive undertaking unless you have really neglected it and it looks like a scene from Jumanji. A simple update on some seasonal flowers or shrubs, perhaps a wreath or door décor and have a good-looking lawn (if it is snowing, all the better. . . just make it look clean and driveway shoveled).  Make the 1st impression THE IMPRESSION that lasts all through the house.  (I can actually hear you saying okay John, we got it make the house look good)

It is an ongoing discussion between realtor's and professional Stagers; how to get a house looking its very best.  Remember that your home deserves it to look its absolute best so another family can love it!  

Ready to put your home on the market?  http://www.johnnyrivers.ca/Contact‚Äč and let me help you make the best choice for your family!

Why do you need a HOME EVALUATION TODAY?

I am sure you have heard about the rising home prices in B.C and more locally, Toronto.  What about what your home is worth in Halton, Ontario?  This is where a realtor will come in handy.  A home evaluation in today’s market will make sure that you are selling your home at the right price. 

What is a home evaluation based on?

There are several factors involved in a home evaluation.  Location, size, other home sales in your area.  Each home is different a

nd we all make them custom to our needs and desires.  A home evaluation will let you know what the market value is for your home, not what you might assume it is.  Realtors make smart, informed decisions so your house will sell and for the right price!

Why should you get one?

Halton is a growing neighbourhood that has been a hot market for a few years, it is only getting hotter.   Getting a home evaluation will allow you to make an informed decision on whether or not selling is in your best interest and when to sell.  This previous winter saw more sales in Ontario than in 2014 and that trend is not expected to change, so a home evaluation will help you and your realtor know what the market is saying about your home.

When should I get a home evaluation?

NOW!  Click NOW and make the move to get your home ready to sell.  This will give you an opportunity to really see what your house is worth.  

Now, what?

You had your home evaluation, now what?  Good question.  Talk to your realtor.  Make a list of things that might in need of being spruced up, or consolidated in your home.  Learn what advice your realtor will give you to make your home sell quickly and at the RIGHT PRICE!  Use your home evaluation and be informed.  It is your tool to making the right decisions when selling your house. 

For more information on how a Local Realtor will help sell your home faster send me, John Rivers, Royal Le Page Escarpment Realty an email or give me a call:  (289) 839-2952.  Make the Smart Choice.  




How many articles have your read these days that are the TOP 10 WAYS TO DE-CLUTTER or the TOP 5 things you should do to sell your home faster?   That is what everyone is advising… but they are right!  Selling your home is a competitive market, especially in Halton, On. 

So what are John River’s TIPS to sell? 

1.       Know what your home is worth!  Make an informed decision based on what your home is worth before you start to make any renovation or improvements.  Need more information?  Click here and find out what your home is worth in Halton, On.  Selling may require a few updates, or a decrease in price if you don’t make the right decision first!  Be wise, evaluate. 

2.       Paint and fix up those holes – who doesn’t love a freshly painted room?  Making small and relatively inexpensive updates to your paint might make all the difference in the world.  For example, if your room is bright pink maybe dull it down and paint a neutral colour making it more appealing to the potential buyers.  It is a buyer’s market, make it a smart decision from the minute they walk into your home. 

3.       Speaking of walking into the house, keep your entrance clear and clean.  Make it the second first impression (the first is the curb appeal).  Do you have a bench?  Keep it clear, clean out the front closet of clutter and make it appear bigger!  That impression will last throughout the house.  

4.       DE-CLUTTER!  Cannot say this enough, de-clutter and make your home organised and clean.  Just cleaning up the magazine pile on the living room table, or the kitchen counter will make potential buyers see their own families in your house, not just your mess.  If you need help with getting things organised, ask your realtor what suggestions they have for you specifically.  You might be surprised at how easy it is to get rid of a few things.  

5.       LISTEN TO YOUR REALTOR!  Your realtor will know what you need to do, how you need to do it and the best way to do it.  Listen to their advice and you should sell your home without too many headaches.  It is important to consider all factors of selling your home, your realtor will understand that. 


Use a smart realtor, a local realtor and you will get your home ready to sell faster and for the RIGHT PRICE FOR YOUR YOU! 

Johnny Rivers, Royal Le Page Escarpment Realty.